Welcome to the 3rd Asian Conference on Liquid Crystals, ACLC 2017

On behalf of the Taiwan Liquid Crystal Society, we are pleased to welcome you to the third Asian Conference on Liquid Crystals (ACLC 2017) to be held at National Cheng Kung University in Tainan, Taiwan, from February 13 through 15, 2017.

Following the first ACLC held in Japan and the second in Korea, the conference continuously aims to foster the growth of research in liquid crystal science and technology and its benefits to the community at large. We hope that ACLC 2017 will provide a great platform for academic and industry professionals to have fruitful discussions and to exchange new ideas of recent developments and latest advances in the interdisciplinary field. It is our pleasure to announce the personally supportive participation of leading academics and researchers in their respective areas of focus from various countries not only in but also beyond Asia. We earnestly invite you to participate in this conference by submitting a paper reflecting your current research and to excel in liquid-crystal-related R&D worldwide.

Taiwan, also known as Formosa—the Beautiful Island, boasts a wealth of geological diversities within an island and of her societal beauty full of friendliness and hospitality especially in sunny Southern Taiwan. We look forward to seeing you at ACLC 2017 in Tainan!

Wei Lee
Chair of ACLC 2017
President, Taiwan Liquid Crystal Society
Professor, National Chiao Tung University
Chia-Rong Lee
Co-Chair of ACLC 2017
Professor, National Cheng Kung University