Guidelines for Presentations

For speakers:

  1.  Standard facilities will be available in each room, including a conference PC laptop computer running Microsoft Windows operating system, a projector, and a laser pointer.  Both the PowerPoint and PDF are supported file formats for oral presentations.
  2.  Arrive approximately ten minutes before the session begins to meet the session chair and to upload your file from a USB flash drive.  You may use your own notebook computer but the conference organizing committee strongly suggests uploading your presentation to the conference computer to save time.  Make sure that you have your presentation file on a flash drive in case there are problems with your own computer.
  3.  Three minutes will be reserved for questions before the end of each oral presentation.  Because of the time constraints, we ask all speakers stay strictly on schedule.
  4.  The bell rings when the presentation time is one minute prior to the Q&A time and it rings again one minute before the end of the total allotted time for each speaker.  The total allotted times for a plenary lecture, an invited talk and a contributed presentation are 40, 25 and 15 minutes, respectively.

For poster presentations:

  1.  The maximum poster size (width × height) is approximately 90 cm × 150 cm at the maximum.  All necessary materials including a bulletin board will be available for fixing your poster on site.
  2.  There is only one poster session on the second day (Tuesday, February 14) afternoon starting from 4:10 PM.  The conference organizing committee strongly suggests all posters be mounted during all sessions.
  3.  All presenting authors must be around their bulletin boards during the poster session to present their research and answer questions.  A student author intending to participate in the competition of the Best Poster Paper Award and yet failing to do so will be ruled out from the candidate list.