LC Technology

Session 1B: LC Technology
Monday, Feb. 13, 2017  14:20-15:40
Chair: Shie-Chang Jeng, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Room: Lecture Hall II
15:10 - 15:25 Paper No.  2017-MON-S0301-O001
Tae-Hoon Choi
Fast Switching of a Homogeneously Aligned Liquid Crystal Cell by Two-Dimensional Virtual Confinement

We demonstrate that we can increase the switching speed by several times through two-dimensional virtual confinement in an IPS cell and an FFS cell. In addition to a very short response time, the device exhibits several outstanding features, such as a wide viewing angle, small color shift, simple drive scheme, etc.

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15:25 - 15:40 Paper No.  2017-MON-S0301-O002
Chih-Hsuan Lin
Broad and highly reflective photonic bandgap structure in the infrared region in an enantiomorphic template with a longitudinal pitch gradient

For fabricating an Infrared (IR) reflector with high-quality, this study employs the washing-out/refilling technique. To fabricate a CLC template film which can reflect an IR wide-band with right- or left-circular polarization, several steps including injecting a curable left- or right-handed CLC mixture into a CLC template with a longitudinal pitch gradient in the refilling stage and then curingusing UV light irradiation, removing the unreacted meogens, and refilling with NLCs are performed [3,4]. Stacking these two refilled CLC template with opposite chiralities(enantiomorphic template) results in an IR reflector which can reflect both right-handed and left-handed circularly polarized light (CPL) in a wide IR range, as shown in Fig. 1.The IR reflector reported in this study can reflect more than 70% of solar IR energy and the reflective IR bandwidth are broaden up to 750 nm which almost covers the primary IR region of the solar radiation.

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